From The CT PTA President

Welcome! From The CT PTA President – Kathy Kennedy
Connecticut PTA is one of the constituent organizations of the National PTA. Our state's organization allows the flow of information from a national to local level, and vice a versa.


Connecticut PTA exists as a source of information and support to all our local units and members. We are here to support the efforts of our members as they work for the health, education, and welfare of children and youth around the state.


Connecticut PTA is a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization, established in 1900, to further the mission and objects of the National PTA. Currently, CT PTSA is comprised of over 230 units and  approximately 45,000 members state-wide. Units can be found associated with individual schools or towns, on a state-wide basis such as Nutmeg PTA, or for special interest groups such as SEPTAs (Special Education PTAs) or Early Childhood PTAs.


Other than 2  paid office staff members, Connecticut PTA carries out its work through its volunteers. No officer or board member is paid. These dedicated volunteers believe in furthering the mission and objects of the PTA and willingly give of their time in the service of youth and children. State leadership is drawn from throughout the state and are nominated and chosen for their abilities and dedication.


Membership is open to anyone who can support the Mission and Objects of the PTA. Members can join a state-wide group or form their individual units and councils. Unit formation assistance is available through our office. 


Our Mission


  • Support and speak on behalf of children and youth in  the schools, in the community, and before governmental bodies and otherorganizations that make decisions affecting children;
  • Assist parents in developing the skills they need to raise and protect their children; and
  • Encourage parent and public involvement in the public schools of the nation.