PTA Benefits

Why PTA?
Not all parent groups are the same. People make the difference.
People you can call, and people who can visit your school.

If you are a PTA, you are unique, but you are not alone. You have the support of local field volunteers, a state office and a team of professional and volunteer leaders.

PTAs run units locally, to best suit their students - but over 100 years of parent involvement knowledge is never more than a phone call away.

PTA members are advocates for ALL children - most importantly their own.

The Connecticut PTA provides many benefits to our members...

Resources from both the State and National PTA
Connections and networking opportunities 
Advocacy at the local, state and national level
Administrative Services
Exclusive offers through National PTA's member benefits providers


  • Executive Committee : The Executive Committee is your elected officers of the CT PTA. They include the President, President Elect,  Membership Support VP, Government Relations VP, Inclusivity/Outreach VP & Secretary/Treasurer.
  • Regional Director is first line of contact on all types of questions. This person has a broad base of knowledge and first hand experience.
  •  Board of Directors: The affairs of Connecticut PTA will be managed by the Board of Directors.  The members of the Board of Directors are: All elected officers, the Immediate Past President of the CTPTA,  All Council Presidents,  Five Region Directors ( if there are co-directors they will have only one vote per region on the board of directors), Nominating committee chair, two at large members and two student representitives.
  • Office staff is available from 9AM to 4PM for information and materials. Your state office is located  at 540 Washington Avenue, North Haven, CT  06473. Phone 203-691-9585.  Email us at
  • Trained presenters and speakers offer a variety of workshops that can be customized to suit individual school needs.
  • Workshops concerning leadership, building community partnerships, violence prevention, Internet safety, bylaws and elections, self-esteem, discrimination, and parent involvement are just a few of the possible selections.
  • Speakers from a variety of partner organizations can be used as resources.
  • The Connecticut PTA Newsletter, a by-weekly newsletter, is a source of information specific to Connecticut members. This is a monthly electronic newsletter posted on our website .
  • Resource and promotional materials are available from both the state and national organization.
  • Award winning National PTA websitePTA Magazines contains a tremendous amount of information and resource material.
  • Annual Resources for PTA is a comprehensive guide to just about any question a local unit may have. Sections of this guide are focused on organizational, financial, legislative, membership/marketing, program development, and leadership & communications areas .
  • National PTA programs, videos and materials are available as part of a lending library open to our units and allow all individual units to run their own programs.
  • Nutmeg Statewide PTA, a statewide unit established to provide a PTA vehicle for those who are interested in statewide issues affecting the health, education and welfare of children and youth.



  • Connecticut PTA Annual Meeting  allows the opportunity for group decision-making, sharing, and training within our state.
  • Statewide Leadership Conferences allow state level board members to interact with and train local unit and council presidents, and allows local units to ask questions and share with others in similar circumstances.
  • A broad base of people from all around the world are PTA members. In addition to Connecticut, National PTA has membership in the remaining 49 states, Washington, DC; the U.S. Virgin Islands; the European Congress (army bases and American Schools throughout Europe); and the Pacific Rim (army bases and American Schools throughout the Pacific). Chances to network with all these members can be found through discussion groups and through National PTA's annual meeting and convention.


  • Our Legislative Steering Committee uses local unit input to develop our CT PTA political platform which is then communicated to all state legislators.
  • Our Connecticut PTA Vice President for Legislation works closely with state legislators and partner organizations to keep local members and units informed of pertinent legislation and issues. For Legislation questions, contact our VP of Legislation.
  • PTSA Day at the Legislature brings many local members to the capitol to learn about issues and advocacy from legislative committee chairs and other legislators, and allows an opportunity for members to visit their legislators.
  • Connecticut PTA partners with many other state organizations working on behalf of children, or interested in the health, education and welfare of children and youth.

      Administrative Services:

  • Blanket 501c-3 nonprofit status for all member units.
  • Group liability, professional, and property insurance at reduced rates for all units.
  • IRS and nonprofit rules assistance and election law information
    • Training in how to run a nonprofit organization, conduct meetings, record minutes, keep records, comply with IRS and nonprofit rules, avoid violations of election laws is provided to all units.
    • Support services to answer any question. Regional Directors, state officers and Board of Directors, National PTA representatives are all available for consultation and information.

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